Repurposing & The Icarus Myth Learned from Seth Godin

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As Self-Employed Professionals, we have to wear many hats.

When we start our business, we soon realize that we also have to be our own marketing director, bookkeeper, sales person, webmaster, editor, and admin. Of course, we can bring people on board to delegate some of this work.

In any case, to learn the art of repurposing content is an essential skill to develop.

So, I'm walking my talk.

In this Self-Employed Professionals Making a Difference podcast episode, I'm repurposing content from my weekly eZine.


In one of my latest eZines, I spoke about a new way to view the Icarus Myth.

I learned about this at the keynote presentation by Seth Godin at the Arizona Leadership Forum 2014.

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You may be familiar with the version of the Icarus Myth, where Daedalus (the father) warns Icarus (the son) not to fly too high because his wings from feathers and wax would melt.

We often internalize this message to not risk too much, because we may fail.

However, if we want to succeed, we have to take risks, and we may fail many times.

So, it was illuminating when I heard Seth Godin explain the original version of the Icarus Myth:

The myth involves Icarus and his father Daedalus stranded on an island. Daedalus fashions some wings for his son and says, “Put these on, but don’t fly too high because if you do, the sun will melt the wax and you will die. But more importantly, don't fly too low because the mist in the water will get on your wings and you will surely perish.

Please don't fly too low, it’s more dangerous than to fly high.