What’s In a Name

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Why do we spend so long to decide about a name?

The name of our children, the name of our pets, the name of our business.

I spent a long time thinking about how to name this podcast.

If you followed me from the inception of this show, you know that I started as the “Self-Employed Professional Making a Difference” Podcast.

Yet, I decided to rebrand it as the Mindset Zone.

I explained my reasoning in the new reloaded Episode 1 (click here to listen it).

I now understand better some Native American Traditions on naming.

From a Western perspective, we see a name as something we are given at birth, and will remain forever– just as the brand that the cowboys used to burn on their cattle – it cannot be changed.


Within some Native American Traditions:

names usually change over an individual’s lifetime to reflect milestones, accomplishments, and actions. *

Since one of the goals I had for this podcast was to expand our possibilities – why not rename it as the MindSet Zone.

My invitation to you is:

“Unlock possibilities by changing your mindsets. You will expand what's possible – for you, for the ones around you, for the world. You're moving into a land of both blind spots and learning, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into the MindSet Zone.”

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