Breakthrough in Career and Business with Pati Froyo

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“The right questions open an environment and culture of discovery, trust, and collaboration. Through this culture, inclusivity happens.”

Pati Froyo

Pati joins me today to discuss how we can short-circuit mindset traps to break through in our careers and business. She shares how she took back her power in her career and explains the mind’s tendency to blame or act as a victim when faced with challenges.

She describes the kind of leaders all successful organizations have and how a culture of trust and collaboration fosters inclusion. Pati also highlights the power of curiosity and its impact on organizations and offers advice on fostering curiosity and a growth mindset.

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • A meaningful breakthrough in Pati’s career
  • How Pati discovered the importance of leaning into curiosity and asking the right questions
  • How our mindset can enable or derail our careers and lives
  • Recognizing leaders’ confirmation and cognitive biases
  • The relationship between cognitive biases and systemic problems in companies and society
  • The power of fostering honest, genuine, intentional curiosity in organizations
  • How to cultivate curiosity and step into the growth mindset
  • Pati’s “Aha!” blueprint and the characteristics of a great executive coach

The Guest:

Pati Froyo is a speaker, executive coach, and intercultural leadership consultant dedicated to helping leaders create strategic breakthroughs in their careers and business. Before starting her executive coaching practice, Pati worked for ExxonMobil, a company where she held a broad range of global executive positions for over 30 years before her retirement in 2017. Pati graduated summa cum laude from the University of Miami with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Pati Froyo

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