A Lesson In Personal Development from Martha Beck

By: | Posted in: Personal Development | Sunday, May 8, 2011 - 10:37pm

At the beginning of April, I read a column by Martha Beck that made me say “Wow!” She was speaking about an exercise of personal development, which I immediately knew that I had to make a copy of since it was such great tool to help my clients. Then, that same day, I was having lunch with a colleague here in Phoenix and speaking about this great new personal growth exercise when she asked me: “Did you try it for yourself?” I had to admit that I hadn't. My justification was that I had just read the article that same day and so I hadn't had time yet… Well, it took me a month but today I did it! (more…)

Thrive with The Three Good Things Exercise

By: | Posted in: Personal Development, Success Mindset | Sunday, Jan 3, 2010 - 2:52pm

You can find descriptions of “the 3 good things exercise” in several internet sites. This exercise comes from Positive Psychology – a recent branch of science that studies the why people thrive. Martin Seligman, the father of modern positive psychology, explains this exercise in several You Tube videos: