Creativity Is Our Superpower with Lane Gardner

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“The arts transcend race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality—it is our humanness that we feel through the creative process. Art is medicine for the soul.”

 Lane Gardner

Lane joins me today to discuss why creativity is our superpower and how it helps us become more innovative, courageous, and authentic. She explains why creative expression is not limited to traditional arts such as music or painting and outlines how creativity is beneficial to our well-being.

She describes why creating a safe space is essential to creative expression and discusses why adults become intimidated by the notion of creativity. Lane also underscores art’s function as medicine for the soul and highlights how the power of collaborative creation allows for individual and collective healing from trauma.

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Share Your Gifts with Fabienne Fredrickson

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“We have a thumbprint from the divine on us; each of us has a song in our hearts that we are here to share, far and wide, in a way that nobody else can.”

Fabienne Fredrickson

Fabienne joins me today to share the Chocolate Brownie story and discuss why we all need to share our gifts, skills, and talents with the world. She explains why many people, especially women, hold themselves back from answering their life’s calling and describes how we can overcome our fears.

She also discusses why it’s important that all women thrive financially and highlights the value of empowering communities of women in business.

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Stress is Not a Toxin, It’s a Tool with Dr. G

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“Recovery requires comfort and time. Resilience requires stress and change.”

Dr. G

Dr. G joins me today to discuss how we can use stress to build resilience. She explains the neuroscience behind stress and how the brain sees all kinds of change as stressful.

She outlines the skills we can develop to become “change-competent.” She also highlights how leaders should help people navigate through stress and underscores how being mission-focused helps organizations be more resilient and overcome change.

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Breakthrough in Career and Business with Pati Froyo

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“The right questions open an environment and culture of discovery, trust, and collaboration. Through this culture, inclusivity happens.”

Pati Froyo

Pati joins me today to discuss how we can short-circuit mindset traps to break through in our careers and business. She shares how she took back her power in her career and explains the mind’s tendency to blame or act as a victim when faced with challenges.

She describes the kind of leaders all successful organizations have and how a culture of trust and collaboration fosters inclusion. Pati also highlights the power of curiosity and its impact on organizations and offers advice on fostering curiosity and a growth mindset.

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Use STRESS to Your Advantage with Barry Shore

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“STRESS means ‘stomach-turning reality, enabling self-success.’ Choice, not chance, determines your destiny. How you choose to respond to any given situation will help determine it.”

Barry Shore

Barry joins me today to discuss what STRESS means and how we can use it to our advantage. He reveals the gift of living a purpose-driven life and explains how to turn self-sabotage into self-success.

He outlines the three stressors of life and the essential principles of living joyfully. He offers advice to people who find themselves in a very dark place. Barry also highlights the power of making small perspective shifts, the impact of practicing breathing daily, and why we should all love dog POOP.

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