Human-Centered Innovation with Sue Bevan Baggott

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“If you don’t spend enough time having experiences with people in the context of their lives, you don’t get an opportunity to go deeper and understand their true desires, motivations, and values.”

Sue Bevan Baggott

Sue joins me today to explore why understanding the lives of consumers and customers is key to successful innovation. She describes her experience at Pampers and how they innovated diaper products after deeply understanding their customers’ desires.

She outlines the three core dimensions of innovation, and the three levels of human experience organizations must learn to effectively innovate and design. Sue also highlights the power of empathetic connection and underscores how diversity drives innovation.

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Everything Is Connected with Neil Redding

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“There is a fundamental way in which the world is connected, even if we don’t understand it intuitively.”

Neil Redding

Neil joins us today to discuss the deep connectedness of the world and why being aware of that connection matters. He explains the power of words to create an emotional experience and how inclusive language can help us see the connection of everything in the world.

He discusses holistic integrated ecosystems and the value of seeing your business in the context in which it operates. He also describes examples of connectedness in nature and outlines the steps we can take towards creating a deeper understanding of our connection with each other and the world.

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Get Out of the Roundabouts of Life with Deborah Johnson

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“You’ve got to be able to do the work, get the perspective you need, understand where your position, perspective, and purpose is.”

Deborah Johnson

Deborah joins me today to discuss the roundabouts of life and how to get yourself unstuck when you find yourself in one. She shares her personal experience with getting trapped in a roundabout and explains why perspective and position matter when getting yourself unstuck. She also discusses how purpose drives your life, how it tramples over procrastination, and underscores how we can all emerge victorious from the peaks and valleys of life.

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Redefining Success with Sue Guiher

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“There’s this definition of success that we feel like we have to live up to, and we forget that we need to live according to what we want and what makes us happy and fulfilled.”

Sue Guiher

Sue joins us today to discuss how we can redefine what success means to us. She explains what ‘success bullying’ is and describes society’s role in how we relate to success.

She discusses how your values can help you expand beyond your comfort zone. She also explains why many people don’t know what their purpose is and underscores why knowing who you are is essential to defining success.

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • The ‘success bully’ and how society imposes its definition of success on us
  • The experience that led to Sue’s realization of the success bully
  • How success bullying impacts us personally and our workplaces
  • Community dynamics and the difference between getting success bullied and going out of your comfort zone
  • Creating an environment where people can align with their values
  • The oxygen, the lens, the anchor, and why we need to align them

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The Earned Life with Marshall Goldsmith

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“In the real world, every day we start over; every breath, we start over.”

Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall joins us today to discuss what it means to live an earned life. He outlines his ‘Triple A’ model and what we need to live a happy, fulfilled life.

He explains the Buddhist ideas and principles that inspire The Earned Life and discusses why we need to unlearn the achieve mindset in order to be happy. He also highlights the dangers of a ‘vicarious life’ and underscores the importance of aligning with our purpose.

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