Choosing the Happiness Mindset – Toby Goodman Interviews Ana Melikian

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“Most of us start our businesses because we want to make a difference out there—it’s a way of living our mission, and we are in love with that mission.”

– Ana Melikian

In this episode, I speak with Toby on the Moving Conversations Podcast to share my life growing up in Portugal and how my curiosity and desire to understand led me to study psychology and pursue a career in academia.

I explain why I decided to move to the United States after studying in the UK and working in Portugal. I discuss how I found myself in the world of life coaching and how it helped me make sense of my values and aspirations.

I describe the challenges I faced when I first started my coaching practice and the health crisis that impacted my life and career. I also underscore how our businesses can be our way of living our mission in the world and highlight how we can live with happiness as a way of being.

***This episode was rebroadcast here at the Mindset Zone with explicit consent fromToby Goodman, the host of Moving Conversations.

Ana Melikian

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • What life was like for me growing up in Portugal
  • Why I decided to pursue a career in academia
  • The intrapreneur mentality and my journey from Portugal to the UK and US
  • How I found myself in the world of life and executive coaching
  • How I made my coaching business stand apart from others in the market
  • Why I disliked marketing and sales when I first started my life coaching practice
  • Finding the Book Yourself Solid® system, how it saved me and my business, and what it taught me about marketing and sales
  • My fight with breast cancer and the power of humor
  • The “When…Then” habit cycle and how we make conditions of happiness for ourselves
  • The habituation effect and why happiness can’t be forced
  • Choosing happiness and making the best of what we have in the moment
  • Toxic positivity and positive psychology

The interviewer:

Toby Goodman is a podcast producer and strategist who helps coaches, course creators, and service providers grow their businesses. In his bestselling book, Narrow Podcasting, Toby shows professionals how to make profitable connections and scale without paid ads, sponsors, or thousands of listeners. He is also the CEO and Director of the podcast post-production company, Podcast Network Solutions, and owns Listen Better Marketing Ltd. In addition to his work as a podcast expert and producer, Toby is a professional musician who has spent over 20 years performing with some of the world’s greatest musicians.

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “People in academia find marketing and selling abhorrent—that’s programmed in us.” – Toby Goodman
  • “I found life coaching as a way to make sense of what was going on with me, what I really wanted to do, and what was important.” – Ana Melikian
  • “I’ve been around enough Ph.D. students to know it’s really hard to do it and, when you finally get it, the door slams and you have to find a new way.” – Toby Goodman

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