Co-Creating a Better Near Future with AI – Neil Redding

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“Connecting possible with practical is where the near future framework is focused.”

-Neil Redding

In this episode, the host, Ana Melikian, delves into the fascinating intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human potential with guest Neil Redding. Neil Redding, a keynote speaker, author, innovation architect, and near futurist, brings his extensive expertise in spatial computing, virtual and augmented reality, and AI to the conversation.

Neil introduces his Near Future Framework, which helps brands, businesses, and organizations bridge the gap between emerging technological possibilities and practical needs.

Ana and Neil also explore the human side of AI, discussing people's mixed emotions toward AI, including fear, uncertainty, and doubt, as well as excitement and anticipation. They emphasize the crucial role humans play in harnessing AI's potential and ensuring proper safeguards.

Moreover, Neil explores the nature of reality and how AI can visualize and create new realities from natural language prompts. This leads to a discussion on the potential of immersive 3D models and VR simulations in shaping experiences and actions.

Throughout the episode, Ana and Neil highlight the importance of mindset and narrative in shaping not only personal experiences but also the broader world around us.

Let's dive in!

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • 02:23 Understanding the Near Future Framework
  • 03:44 Exploring AI and Spatial Computing
  • 05:53 The Human Side of AI
  • 16:08 The Nature of Reality
  • 22:42 Practical Applications of Emerging Technologies
  • 27:51 Final Thoughts and Reflections
  • 30:11 Closing Remarks and Contact Information

Neil Redding

Meet Our Guest:

By skillfully connecting the possible with the practical, Neil Redding is a Near Futurist and Innovation Architect with 30+ years of experience in unlocking the transformative power of emerging technologies.

A sought-after keynote speaker for venues like SXSW, Building the Future, and AWE, and at corporate events for Meta, Microsoft, and more, Neil inspires audiences with the reality-shifting capabilities of AI and spatial computing for our physical, digital and natural ecosystems, and for activating pragmatic interpersonal and business value.

Through his boutique consultancy Redding Futures and previous roles, Neil has worked with world-class brands including Visa, Nike, Apple, and Verizon to distill these continually emerging possibilities, applying ecosystem-centered design to unlock revenue growth, resilience, and transformative business opportunity.

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