How to Collect Testimonials to Book Yourself Solid

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Working with Michael Port is always an extraordinary experience!

I treasure the opportunity to facilitate some of the Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training Weekly Coaching Success Sessions.

The last one was:

How to Collect Testimonials to Book Yourself Solid


I spoke about:

– The power of specific testimonials as credibility builders

– The best time to ask for a testimonial

– The most effective practices to get impactful testimonials

TWO Structures to Generate Powerful Testimonials:

STRUCTURE ONEC.A.R. 3-Part Structure

Ask your clients to reply the following questions:

C for Challenge:
– What particular challenge were you dealing with that led you to signup to my services?

A for Answer:
– What was the answer or inspiration you discovered that started to turn things around?

R for Results:
– What were the specific results? (i.e., How is your life or business different now because of what you learned and implemented from my services?)

STRUCTURE TWOOFF3R+ (developed by Jeff Moore):

Ask these specific questions:

  • Obstacle – What [O]bstacle would have prevented you from buying my service?
  • Find – What did you [F]ind as a result of working with me?
  • Feature – What specific [F]eature did you like the most?
  • 3 – What would be [3] other benefits?
  • Recommend – Would you [R]ecommend my services? If so, why?
  • + – Is there anything you'll like to [+]

Think OFF3R+ to recall these questions.

You can see examples of this on Jeff Moore website:

Love to hear your comments and questions 🙂

By Ana Melikian, PhD, BCC, ACC

Elite-level Book Yourself Solid Coach