Curiosity As An Antidote For Fear with Connie Kadansky

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“Everything is a learning experience. There’s always a gift or an opportunity in any kind of outreach that we do.”

Connie Kadansky

Connie joins me today to discuss what Sales Call Reluctance is and how sales professionals can use curiosity as an antidote to overcome the fear of prospecting and promoting themselves, their services, and their organizations.

Connie describes the connection between social self-consciousness, telephobia, and sales call reluctance and how there are 16 different types of sales call reluctance affecting sales professionals.

We discuss Connie’s Sensory Injection Technique and how she uses aromatherapy practices to help sales professionals overcome telephobia. We also spoke about why it’s essential for salespeople to be curious about their prospects and why they’re interested in what your company offers.

We explore the connection between emotional intelligence and sales call reluctance and how to cultivate emotional intelligence as a meta-skill to improve your sales performance. We also discuss ways to cultivate more curiosity in your life and career and how Connie ‘puts her ask in gear’ to continue developing her curiosity.

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • Understanding Sales Call Reluctance
  • What inspired Connie to research sales call reluctance and pursue a career as a Sales Empowerment Coach
  • The connection between social self-consciousness, telephobia, and sales call reluctance
  • Using aromatherapy techniques to overcome phobias and fears
  • Getting curious about your prospect and why they’re interested in your offer
  • Understanding the ‘meta-skills’ of a sales call strategy
  • How to cultivate more curiosity in your life and career
  • How Connie cultivates curiosity in her own life
  • The polarity between optimism and pessimism

The Guest:

Connie Kadansky is the Founder of Exceptional Sales Performance, LLC., an organization that helps salespeople reframe their relationship with selling and convert their prospects into clients. She is a Sales Empowerment Coach with sales expertise and a globally recognized for helping salespeople from diverse industries develop meta-skills to confidently prospect, promote their products and services, upsell, cross-sell, and leverage key relationships. Connie has been interviewed by multiple media outlets, including Bloomberg Business, Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CEO Magazine, and Forbes. For nearly 30 years, she has helped sales professionals ethically, consistently, and comfortably reach their ideal prospects, set appointments, and close sales. Connie has worked with countless mid-size and large organizations, including Merrill Lynch, Allstate, Wells Fargo, Saks Fifth Avenue, and AT&T.

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