Did You Live An Intentional Day, Today?

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“Here and now, you can be more intentional with your attention. Think of it as a muscle that you can strengthen.”

Ana Melikian

Do you live an intentional life? In today’s fast-paced, attention-hungry society, many people go through the day on autopilot – completing all the same tasks, day in and day out, with little to no intention. From getting up each morning to go to work, juggling all of our work or business-related tasks, or even household chores and shuttling kids to sporting events, most of the time, we do these things on autopilot. Yes, they require our attention. Yes, we get a lot done each day. But are we truly doing these things with intentionality?

In today’s episode, I discuss why intention is more scarce than attention. I discuss how having a reactive mindset leaves very little room for intentionality. I explain the difference between completing a task with intention versus running on autopilot and how the latter often leads to feeling hazy at the end of the day.

I discuss why I believe the scarcity of intentionality in today’s society is a major issue and how it prevents us from tapping into our fullest potential. I also explain how learning to be more intentional in our daily lives can help us be more effective in achieving our goals, aspirations, and ambitions and what you can do to purposely create more intention in your everyday life.

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • The difference between doing something with intentionality versus running on autopilot
  • How TV, social media, YouTube, and Netflix command our attention
  • Why the scarcity of intentionality in today’s society is problematic
  • How the scarcity of intentionality in our daily lives prevents us from tapping into our full potential
  • What ‘intent,’ ‘intentional,’ and ‘intentionality’ truly mean
  • How being more intentional in our daily lives helps us regain the power to achieve our goals, ambitions, and aspirations
  • How to purposely create more intentionality in your day-to-day life

Your Host:

Ana Melikian, Ph.D., is an optimist who had to overcome two bouts with cancer to learn that pursuing happiness is a fallacy. To choose happiness is a much more powerful strategy to tap into our highest human potential.

Either by working with leaders and their teams, or other coaches and consultants, Ana supports her clients to break through their mindset limitations and upgrade their psychological operating systems so that they achieve better results than ever in work and life while enjoying the process.

For over a decade, Dr. Melikian has been a successful online business owner, working with hundreds of other coaches and consultants, helping a diverse group of companies and organizations.

Ana is the Director of Education for Book Yourself Solid®, a Board Certified Coach (BCC), and a proud member of the ICF – International Coach Federation, and the ACEC – Association of Corporate Executive Coaches.

She is also the host of the MINDSET ZONE podcast, selected for The Huffington Post's “15 Podcasts That Will Leave You Pondering Life's Big Questions,” listed alongside the Peabody Award-winning “On Being” and “TED Radio Hour” by NPR.

Follow her podcast, Mindset Zone via your favorite app or by visiting www.Mindset.Zone, and please follow her here on LinkedIn too.

Ana Melikian

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