Do You Have a Dedicated Work Line? Line2 is a great solution

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When you find a website about a service you are looking for, it’s great to be able to find a phone number to call to straight away.

As service professionals is important to be accessible and to have a contact phone number in our websites.

If you are thinking “Yes, I agree, BUT…” it is possible that you don’t have a dedicated work line for your business and that you cannot control office hours, and other very helpful features.

Line2 can be the solution for you because it will allow you to keep your professional and personal lives separate on one phone or iPad.

You can pick a new number (even an 800 number) or transfer an existing number, and you can add business grade features to this dedicated phone line. You can use your smart phone or iPad and even forward the call to a landline. When traveling you can place calls over Wi-Fi, 3G/4G data or cellular voice networks, literally taking your office with you.

And you even can start with a free account – it’s quite easy.

See the video for an overview of Line2 features and check the text below the video for a how-to guide on how to start using this system.

Note: I don’t have any affiliation with Line2. I’m just an user that loves this service.

See Video below for an overview

Start by Creating an Account

Go to: to create an account


Step 1- Choose a number

Enter the information as prompted in Step 1.

Rather than obtaining a local number you can choose the Toll-free number option. In either case, you will be given options of numbers available in your area to choose as your second line. When prompted, choose the number you would like.

Click next when finished.

Step 2- Your new number/enter account information

Make a note of your new number.

Complete the information requested and click next when finished.

Step 3- Validate your number

  1. Enter your current mobile phone number in the area provided
  2. You will be given a validation code.
  3. Click the Validate button

Have your phone nearby as you will receive a call from Line 2 asking your to enter your 4 digit validation code followed by the # sign.

Step 4- Choose Your Plan

Select the plan that best suits your needs. For the purpose of this demo, we are choosing the Free plan

Once you have chosen your plan you will be asked to download the app for your particular device. If you are using an IPhone or iPad, you can go to applications on your device and download for free from the app store. If you are using an android device you will be given a button to select for the download.

Setting Up Your Line

Log in to your account by going to :

Downloading the Softphone application

The Softphone is the application that Line 2 uses to enable you to make and receive calls through your computer and via your Smart Phone.

  1. Access the downloads through the Downloads tab.
  2. Select the download that you use depending on if you use a PC or a Mac and the type of phone you use.
  3. You can also download the software for a fax if you will be using the number with a fax.

Be sure to follow the instructions that will appear following the download of the applications for your particular device.

Navigating the Main Screen

After log-in you will be taken to the main screen where you can choose the options that you would like to set up.

Import Contacts (optional step)

You can begin by importing your contacts. If this line is for business or personal, you can import those contacts by uploading a CSV file of those contacts.

  1. Click on either business or personal, whichever this line is being used for.
  2. Click on import my contacts
  3. Choose your CSV file from your computer
  4. Click import my contacts

Customize your Voicemail and Call Flow

You can customize how you receive calls to your computer or your softphone.

Announcements Settings

Line 2 can screen and announce the party that is calling through the Announcement Settings link.

The greetings can be customized to fit your style and your business.

Auto Attendant (Pro Version Only)

When you purchase the Pro Version you can utilize the Auto Attendant feature.

You can enable this feature for use during business hours and after hours to take care of incoming calls for you based on the information that enter.

Done! You are ready to go…

These are screencasts and screenshots taken from my FREE How-To Webinars aimed to help coaches and consultants who want to make a difference and are overwhelmed with online marketing:

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