Follow. Rate. Review.

How can you support your favorite podcast?

Engaging with your favorite podcasts on Apple Podcasts and Spotify not only boosts the show's visibility but also ensures you never miss an episode.

Here’s how you can make a huge difference:

On Apple Podcasts:

  1. Follow: Stay up-to-date with the latest episodes. Just search for your favorite podcast (e.g., MINDSET ZONE), and hit the follow button. You’ll see our new episodes in your library as soon as they’re released.
  2. Rate: Share your love for the podcast by giving it a rating. It’s quick, just tap the stars, and your feedback will help others discover the show.
  3. Write a Review: A sentence review can make a huge difference. Tell us what you love about the podcast or one of your favorite episodes. Your words can inspire others to tune in and can provide invaluable feedback.

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On Spotify:

  1. Follow: Ensure you’re always in the loop. Find your favorite podcast (e.g., MINDSET ZONE) on Spotify and press the follow button. New episodes will appear in your Spotify library instantly.
  2. Rate: Show your support by rating the podcast. Find the ratings section on our Spotify page, tap to rate, and you’re done!

Why Your Support Matters:

Your follows, ratings, and reviews are more than just numbers. They boost the podcast's visibility, helping it reach more listeners. Plus, your feedback guides creators in producing content that you love.

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