Freedom from Alcohol with Rose Ann Forte

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“With any habit, especially drinking, it’s important to have an accountability source. Declaring what you’re doing to others makes it more real.”

– Rose Ann Forte

Rose Ann joins me today to describe her journey to becoming alcohol-free. She points out the lack of conversations about alcohol consumption and the options available to those trying to overcome it. She outlines how alcohol can causes an individual’s mental health to spiral by stealing self-esteem, purpose, productivity, and connection.

Rose Ann also discusses finding purpose after quitting alcohol and highlights how accountability helps create the mindset shift needed for freedom from alcohol.

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • Different mindsets, belief systems, and relationships with alcohol
  • Psychological triggers and different kinds of drinking problems
  • What made Rose Ann decide to join the coaching program to become alcohol-free
  • Shame, labeling, and why alcohol problems become a hidden issue for many people
  • Why accountability is a critical piece of quitting alcohol
  • Writing The Plans He Has for Me and creating a faith-centered program
  • Forgiving oneself and others and finding purpose after quitting alcohol
  • How having the right community helps people thrive and grow

The Guest:

Rose Ann Forte is an Alcohol-Free Coach, a Positive Intelligence Coach, and the best-selling author of The Plans He Has for Me: A 12-Week Daily Devotional for Freedom from Alcohol. Rose Ann is a former C-suite executive who served as the Chief Financial Officer of Southwest Capital Partners from 1995 until she became an executive coach in 2021.

Freedom from Alcohol with Rose Ann Forte

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