From Affirmations to PowerSongs with Lowry Olafson

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“It's your life. Make it sing.”

Lowry Olfson

Lowry joins me on the podcast to talk about his definition of mindset. He talks about the importance of being aware of your mindset and we discuss what makes a good mindset. We talk about managing your energy to avoid burnout. He explains what PowerSongs are, sharing the story of how he stumbled onto them and explaining why they have the power to transform a mindset. He tells the stories of different people he’s worked with to create their own PowerSongs, and he shares how you can reach out to write one with him yourself.

This Week on The Mindset Zone:

  • Lowry’s definition of mindset.
  • The importance of being aware of your mindset.
  • What makes a good mindset.
  • Managing your energy to avoid burnout.
  • The power of PowerSongs.
  • The meaning of magnificence.
  • What goes into creating a PowerSong.

The Guest:

Lowry Olafson has written songs since he was a kid. He has made it as a singer/songwriter, releasing nine albums and touring the globe. As a keynote speaker, Lowry inspires people to be more resilient. He also leverages talent and experience to produce audio branding for businesses and organizations, and he loves to co-create PowerSongs with teams, families, couples, and individuals so that they can connect more deeply with their mission, value, and vision.

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