Happiness & Self-care | Melinda Cohan interviews Ana Melikian, Ph.D.

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“Often, people don’t take the time for self-care because they feel selfish, so they are always in the last bit of patience and the last piece of energy. When they start to recognize that by taking care of themselves, they have much more to give others, that is when the magic really starts to happen.”

Ana Melikian

In this episode, Melinda and I talk about how happiness and self-care go hand in hand. I point out that if we do not prioritize ourselves, we will never be our best selves, nor will we have enough to give others.

We explore the research-based idea that the path to happiness is not sacrifice and self-denial. We point out that, as coaches, we need to lead by example and practice what we preach, and prioritizing ourselves, and our needs is at the top of the list.

This Week on The Mindset Zone:

  • How does self-care relate to happiness?
  • What constitutes self-care, and why is it important?
  • Choosing happiness even when everything is not going your way
  • How choosing happiness opens up new possibilities
  • The consequences of denying self-care
  • The Happiness Fallacy

This episode is a rebroadcast of an interview between Melinda and me that was previously aired on her podcast. This is done with explicit consent from the amazing team behind “Just Between Coaches.”

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