HELPing Homeless Kids: Dawn Marie Rapaport’s Transformative Organization

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“There's a bigger purpose for you.”

-Dawn Marie Rapaport

In this episode, host Ana Melikian is joined by Dawn Marie Rapaport, the inspiring founder of HELP (Homeless Engagement Lift Partnership). Dawn Marie shares her remarkable journey from experiencing homelessness herself as a child to creating a transformative organization that now serves over 300 schools with their H.E.L.P.Snackz program.

Dawn Marie recounts the struggles and traumas she faced growing up homeless in Arizona and how her grandfather's positive messages helped her persevere. She discusses the pivotal moment that led her to start HELP and how the organization has evolved over 13 years. The conversation delves into the powerful impact of H.E.L.P.Snackz and the personalized messages that uplift the spirits of at-risk children.

Ana and Dawn Marie explore the ripple effect of one person making a difference, the importance of empowering homeless children, and the various programs HELP offers to break the cycle of homelessness. They also discuss the vital role of community support, partnerships, and volunteers in sustaining HELP's mission.

Join us in this heartfelt episode that showcases the power of resilience, positivity, and community in transforming lives and expanding what’s possible.

Let's dive in!

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • 00:00 Expanding Impact in School Districts with Help Snacks
  • 00:33 Meet Ana Melikian: Mission to Support and Avoid Burnout
  • 01:16 Introducing Dawn Marie Rappaport and Her Mission
  • 02:03 Dawn Marie's Personal Journey from Homelessness to Helping Others
  • 07:20 The Birth of a Life-Changing Organization
  • 10:51 The Evolution of Help Snacks: From Idea to Impact
  • 15:58 Expanding Support Beyond Food: Life Skills and Community Engagement
  • 18:55 Harnessing Community Support and Volunteer Power
  • 22:07 How to Get Involved and Support the Cause
  • 24:04 Closing Thoughts and Encouragement to Make a Difference

Dawn Marie Rapaport’s Transformative Organization

Meet the Guest:

Dawn Marie Rapaport is the founder of the Homeless Engagement Lift Partnership (H.E.L.P.), transforming the lives of families with children for over 13 years. Her personal experience with homelessness fuels her empathy and dedication, driving her to help families transition out of homelessness. Dawn Marie's efforts extend to educating and mobilizing the community, becoming a respected voice in the field.

Creating and nurturing H.E.L.P. has been both the most challenging and rewarding endeavor of Dawn Marie’s life. Her unwavering determination to improve the system, work on prevention and reduce the size of the Family homeless community continues to drive her mission forward.

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