How to Get Awesome Testimonials

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Recently one of my clients made my day with her LinkedIn recommendation:

“Ana has been my indispensable mentor, and at times, savior, as I am learning to expand my coaching and healing work online. If you are a procrastinator, technophobic, or at a loss where to begin, Ana offers everything you need integrated into one place. Mary-Liz-MurphyShe has helped me avoid making costly mistakes in time and money by redefining my market, services, and strategy as well as updating and implementing my online technology needs. Her trusty coaching support, where she shares your computer screen remotely, helps you feel like you have an angel at your side when you are going down a black hole.

I only wish I had met Ana years ago when I started my business, I would have been empowered to achieve so much more, been more cost effective and had a whole lot more fun. Thanks to Ana's AMAZING work, I am truly empowered to succeed now in the work I love.
– Mary Liz Murphy (

I was excited to see the results of our coaching in Mary Liz's own words. Then my marketing mind started to analyze the structure of her testimonial, and I realized that it has the elements of a powerful endorsement.

She speaks about:

1. Specific pain points/ needs she had before starting to work with me, namely:

    • Procrastination
    • Technophobia
    • Overwhelm

2. Specific tools, resources, answers that helped her to turn things around, namely:

    • All the tools and resources she needed organized on an easy-to-use system
    • Cost effective strategies that help her save time, money, and energy
    • Trusted coaching support

3. Specific results, namely:

    • Online presence growth
    • Target market, services, and strategy redefinition
    • Having more fun in her business

And even more important, she feels empowered to succeed with ease and joy doing the work she loves.

This is also one of my favorite structures to get amazing testimonials.

It's easy to use and simple to remember.

C.A.R. – Challenges, Answers, Results*

When requesting a recommendation from one of your clients, you can ask:

    1. What specific challenges were you dealing with that led you to start coaching with me?
    1. What was the answer, inspiration, or ah-ha you discovered that triggered a defining moment… that started to turn things around?
    1. What are the results? How is your life or business different now because of what you learned and implemented from the coaching you've done together?

*Adapted from Darren Hardy and SUCCESS: