How To Have a Google Presentation or Slide Show Playing in Your Website

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Google Presentations are SlideShows that you can create easily to provide a visual element to your teleseminars, programs, workshops, etc.

In this How-To Guide I will explain how you can embed a Google Presentation into a website. This can be very helpful in different scenarios.

For Instance:

– You want to provide a reply of a webinar or class in which you only recorded the audio.

– You want to produce more visual training but video is still a big ordeal for you.

– Your Target Market and Clients like simple solutions that they can navigate without feeling overwhelmed.

Keep reading to find out how you can embed a Google Presentation into your website.

See Video below for an overview

Go to Your Google Drive and Select Your Presentation

I’m presuming that you already have a Google account and that you have already created a presentation. If you need help on How to Create a Google Presentation, click here.

Go to File and Select “Publish to the web…”

NOTE: You have to be the creator of the presentation in order to see this option. If you are using a presentation shared with you, you will not see this option.

Click “Start publishing” (1) and Confirm by clicking “OK” (2).

Select size in “Presentation size” (1) and Copy code under “Embed code” (2). Then you can close this pop-up window (3).

Login to Your Website and Create or Find the Page You Want to Embed the Presentation

NOTE: The screenshots are from a WordPress site, but this will work in any site that allows you to embed code.

Select Tab “Text” view (1) and Paste embed code, where you want the slides to appear (2).

Update page (1) and Preview by clicking “View Page” (2).

Check everything and You Are Done!

You can also add the audio and some instructions to make it easier.

Done! You are ready to go.


These are screencasts and screenshots taken from my FREE How-To Webinars aimed to help coaches and consultants who want to make a difference and are overwhelmed with online marketing:

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