How to Have Multiple Copied Items (i.e., Clipboards) Organized in One Place

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In this video (and text below) I explain how to use an amazing time saving tool called Clipboard Manager.

(Don't know what a clipboard manager is? Keep reading…)

Usually when we copy a word, phrase, email, web address, etc. we have to paste it straightaway because if you copy something new, the previous item copied is gone.

One of the functions of a clipboard manager is to allow us to have several items copied and then select the one that we want to paste when we need it.

If you see the video demo or read the text below you will understand the potentialities of this type of tool.

By seeing this video, you will learn:

– How to have multiple copied items (i.e., clipboards) organized in one place.

– How to modify a copied text e.g. remove formatting.

– How to use keyboard shortcuts.

How to Have Multiple Copied Items Organized in One Place

A clipboard is the computer term used to describe the data transfer via copy and paste operations.

Most systems support a single clipboard transaction (i.e., each new copy overwrites the previous one), and we need to add a third-party application to manage multiple copied items.

How to find a Clipboard Manager – Part 1: Google “clipboard manager”

Google Search tips

TIP 1 – Add the system you are using to the search terms


clipboard manager mac

clipboard manager pc

clipboard manager [the specific system you are using]

TIP 2 – See the more recent information

1 – Click on Google “Search Tools”

2-  In “Any time” select “Past year”

(See image above.)


How to find a Clipboard Manager – Part 2: Read a couple of comparison articles

How to find a Clipboard Manager – Part 3: Select one and try it.

The one that I use is CopyPastePro.

It's very easy to use. I can access the clipboards via an icon on the menu bar or via a graphical browser.

If you need to exchange clipboard contents between different computers, try something like PTHPasteboard (see links below).

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