Human-Centered Innovation with Sue Bevan Baggott

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“If you don’t spend enough time having experiences with people in the context of their lives, you don’t get an opportunity to go deeper and understand their true desires, motivations, and values.”

Sue Bevan Baggott

Sue joins me today to explore why understanding the lives of consumers and customers is key to successful innovation. She describes her experience at Pampers and how they innovated diaper products after deeply understanding their customers’ desires.

She outlines the three core dimensions of innovation, and the three levels of human experience organizations must learn to effectively innovate and design. Sue also highlights the power of empathetic connection and underscores how diversity drives innovation.

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • Why organizations need to start with empathy when innovating
  • Innovating Pampers’ diaper design and the power of understanding customers at the human level
  • The three core dimensions of successful innovation
  • The story behind Apple’s miraculous innovation
  • Three levels of human experience organizations need to understand when innovating
  • How productivity tools can make us procrastinate
  • The messiness of innovation and how companies can avoid disruption
  • How leaders can nurture innovation in their companies
  • How empathetic connection and diversity can drive innovative breakthroughs

The Guest:

Sue Bevan Baggott is a speaker, strategy and innovation leader, angel impact investor, and board member with a proven track record of uncovering deep human insights that lead to impactful innovations and breakthrough business results. She is the founder of Power Within Consulting, a firm that empowers clients to accelerate business success by delivering human-centered, insight-driven business and innovation strategies. Sue graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and Biology from Lehigh University.

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