Inner Game of Success with Joanne McCall

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“The inner game of success is where it all begins. Anything you want to put, do, accomplish, or make happen out there will all start with the inner game.”

– Joanne McCall

Joanne joins me today to discuss why success starts with the inner game. She explains why people repeatedly set goals that they fail to reach. She describes how limiting beliefs stop people from reaching their goals and aspirations and outlines the three steps to take when your inner game is off and you can't achieve your goals.

Joanne also highlights the three buckets of media and underscores the value of embracing the beginner’s mindset.

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • The inner game of success
  • What it looks like when your inner game is off
  • Rewiring your neurology and addressing your limiting beliefs
  • The “expert-beginner” infinite loop and the value of always learning something new
  • Why goals don’t work for many people
  • Identifying and confronting your mindset blind spots and limitations
  • “You” media and its importance in building your visibility
  • The need to prove your expertise in earned media
  • Using social media to amplify the other media buckets
  • How to overcome impostor syndrome when writing a book
  • Embracing the beginner’s mind when promoting a book
  • The three kinds of mindset and their relationship to mastery


Joanne McCall is an author, speaker, media trainer, and visibility strategist. She is also a publicist and PR coach dedicated to helping authors and influencers gain media attention and become “media darlings.” Her clients include business consultants Brian Tracy and Ken Blanchard, radio host Dave Ramsey, and NLP founder Dr. Richard Bandler among others. In addition to working with entrepreneurs, consultants, and coaches to get top-tier, national media attention, Joanne serves as an adjunct faculty member at Marylhurst University, where she teaches social media.

Joanne McCall

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