How to Subscribe, Rate and Review Podcast on an iPhone

Open the Podcast App in your phone.

podcast app

1. Click the Search icon in the lower right corner of the screen


2. Then, on the bar at the top and type “mindset zone” (1) and press Search (2).

Search store

3. This podcast should be one of the first one to appear under “All Podcasts.”

Cover image

4. After you click on the cover image, then you will see the Subscribe button that you can click.

5. Scroll down until seeing “Ratings & Reviews”: (1) tap the stars to rate; (2) click on “Write a review”

A very simple statement will do. You can write about your favorite episode, best takeaway, favorite guest, how you found the podcast, etc.

Doing this is an extremely powerful way of spreading the word about this podcast.

Love to hear from you

Under the show notes of each individual episode you can leave comments and you can contact me here.