How To Subscribe, Rate and Review Podcast on a Computer (MAC or PC)

Open iTunes, then:

1. Make sure that iTunes Store is selected

2. Search in the iTunes Store for the mindset zone. Press return to start search.

3. From the result page, click on the Podcast Cover to open Podcast to Subscribe or Rate


Now that you open the Podcast in the iTunes Store, only 4 steps are needed:

1. Subscribe to the podcast by click the “Subscribe” button below the Podcast Cover

2. Click on the option “Ratings and Reviews”

3. Click on the number of stars you want to rate the podcast

4. Write a sentence or two review of the podcast.

A very simple statement will do. You can write about your favorite episode, best takeaway, favorite guest, how you found the podcast, etc.

Doing this is an extremely powerful way of spreading the word about this podcast.



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