Networking Fixed and Growth Mindsets with Joe Apfelbaum

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“The process of networking means doing the work of connecting with people. Whether you’re introverted or extroverted, you like connecting with people.”

Joe Apfelbaum

Joe joins me to talk about his book and how to overcome the fear of networking. He tells the story of his first failed experience with networking and shares what it taught him about the real meaning of networking. He explains why networking doesn’t have anything to do with being introverted or extroverted, and he notes that there are many shades of mindset between fixed and growth.

He issues a call to stop making excuses, and he shares the three facets that make up a mindset. He notes the power of consistency, explains why being in business for the money doesn’t work, and notes the importance of self-knowledge and doing what brings you joy.

He also gives an overview of what you’ll find in his book, “High Energy Networking: get anything you want in life while building meaningful relationships that last a lifetime.”

This Week on The Mindset Zone:

  • Fixed and growth mindsets and everything in between.
  • Why networking doesn’t have anything to do with being introverted or extroverted, and what these terms really mean.
  • Why it’s time to stop making excuses.
  • How our mindset differs in different areas.
  • Networking as a way of looking to add value to others’ lives.

The Guest:

Joe Apfelbaum is the author of five books and CEO of Ajax Union, a B2B digital marketing agency based in New York. He is a business strategist, a marketing expert, and a certified Google trainer. He is a divorced dad of five, a rollerblader, a runner, a stand-up comedian, and an amateur rapper. His most recent book is High Energy Networking: Get Anything You Want in Life While Building Meaningful Relationships That Last a Lifetime.

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