Push Through Mindset Shift with Sue Stevenson

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“Transformation changes your identity. If we change habits, our identity is changed.”

– Sue Stevenson

Sue joins me today to discuss how shifting our mindset can shift our physical health. She describes her journey in the corporate world and explains how her ability to navigate through change contributed to her success in life.

She details the diagnosis that set her on a path of healthy living and changing her relationship with stress. Sue also highlights better methods for building habits and underscores the therapeutic power of humor.

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • Sue’s background and life in the corporate world
  • What the “corporate brain” is and how Sue’s mindset about women’s role in the business world evolved through the years
  • How her ability to navigate and adapt to change contributed to Sue’s success in life
  • Corporate culture’s tendency to reward toxic dedication and the social, physical, and emotional costs to Sue’s success
  • Our tendency to accept sub-optimal health
  • How Sue moved into radical action despite facing the impossible
  • Neurostrategies and the gut-brain connection
  • How long it took for Sue to feel improvements in her health
  • Mental fitness and how our mindset can impact our physical health

The Guest:

Sue Stevenson is the founder of the global executive coaching firm, Lifted Fog LLC. Sue is dedicated to facilitating learning and positive change through brain-based coaching and consulting that utilizes the latest research in neuroscience, strategic humor management, and positive psychology. She is the co-founder of The San Diego Brain Club and serves as the Editor of The Humor Voice. She is the author of Impossible to Possible: Neurostrategies for Healing, Humor, and a Reimagined Life.

Sue Stevenson

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