Redefining Success with Sue Guiher

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“There’s this definition of success that we feel like we have to live up to, and we forget that we need to live according to what we want and what makes us happy and fulfilled.”

Sue Guiher

Sue joins us today to discuss how we can redefine what success means to us. She explains what ‘success bullying’ is and describes society’s role in how we relate to success.

She discusses how your values can help you expand beyond your comfort zone. She also explains why many people don’t know what their purpose is and underscores why knowing who you are is essential to defining success.

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Sue Guiher is a coach and consultant on a mission to change how society defines success so that we can create more happiness and fulfillment in our work and businesses. Over the course of her career, Sue has worked with organizations of different sizes, from small business owners to executives and teams in Fortune 500 companies. She helps her clients improve communication, executive presence, and workplace relationships. In addition to her work as an executive coach, Sue also serves as an instructor at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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