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How to Easily Understand the Flow of the Using Free Calls to Sell Programs or Services


If words like Sales Pages, Sales Letters, Offer Pages, Sign-up Pages, Squeeze Pages, etc. sound like a foreign language to you, you are in the right place.

I will explain in simple terms, using images and examples, what all of this jargon and gibberish means so that you can learn how to organize your own free calls that will get more clients to buy your services and programs.

You will feel empowered, instead of confused and overwhelmed.

What you will learn:

– The meaning of the many confusing terms from sales page to squeeze page.

– The difference between Teleseminars and Webinars.

– Where to find potential buyers that you can invite to attend your free events.

Goal – Get More Clients

You should keep your goal clear in your mind.

You want to sell your service because it’s the way you chose to make a difference in other people lives.

And if you create a business model that will get you more clients, you will empower your business and you will serve more people.

If you want to sell something online it makes sense to create a web page where you present what you have to offer in a compelling and irresistible way, and where a potential buyer can actually click a button to buy it.

This is known as a Sales Page, or a Sales Letter or Offer Page (they all really mean the same).

You can see an example of a Sales Page at


Best Strategies to Convert Potential Buyers into More Clients

One of the marketing system more frequently used to sell online is to offer free virtual events.

These events can be voice (audio) only – in this case they are technically called tele-calls or teleseminar.

Or, these events can have some visual element via a slideshow, video or screen-sharing – In this case they can be named webinars.

BUT, this strategy only works if you take the opportunity to build trust and credibility and present an offer that is proportional to the amount of trust you have earned.

In this case, these free events are a great way to drive potential buyers to your sales page and get new clients to grow your business.


Where to find potential buyers to invite to attend your free events

There are many areas that you can pull from when inviting people to your free events. They include:

  • your own list;
  • a Joint Venture Partner (JV) who present your event to their lists;
  • your blog posts;
  • Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn;
  • and organic traffic (e.g., people who find you via searching the web.)


But once they find your invitation they have to have a easy way to RSVP

To have potential buyers on your Free Call or Webinar, you have to invite them to an event.

This event should meet their most urgent needs and compelling desires.

And you have to set up an easy system that allows them to RSVP to your event in an effortless way.

This is usually done via a so-called Sign-up Page.

This web page is specifically designed to invite them to your free event.

When they read it, they can do one of two things:

(1) leave the page because they are not interested ;


(2) sign-up for the event because they are curious and want to know more.

The sole purpose of a sign-up page is to capture information that will allow an email follow-up. This can also be called a Squeeze Page.


How all these come together

  1. You spread the word about your free event (e.g., via your own list, JV or Strategic Partner Lists, Blogs, Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  2. Then some of the people who are invited to attend and/or heard about the event decide to register by RSVP via the sign-up Page.
  3. It very important to have a sequence of email reminders to ensure that people have the info on how to connect and that they don’t forget to attend the event (free call or webinar).
  4. During the event (call or webinar) the participants are invited to visit your Sales Page where some will choose to buy your program or services during the event.
  5. It’s important to have a good follow-up strategy (offer the replay of the event for instance) to invite more people to visit the sales page and buy your program or services.


Other resources:

If you are new to internet marketing I recommend that you look at a WordPress Theme called Optimize Press*.

It’s really a great place to start because it allows the creation of professional looking Sign-up Pages, Sales Pages and even the delivery of a Program or Info-Product via their Membership site capacities.

There are email marketing services (e.g., Constant Contact) that also offer basic sign-up pages and so on, but usually you can get a more credible look via OptimizePress*.

*I use OptimizePress for my business, and I’m an affiliate member of this product.

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