The Happiness Fallacy: Uncover the blind spots keeping you from tapping into your fullest potential.

Through her personal revelations and her experience as a Ph.D. in Psychology, Ana came to understand that happiness cannot be forced. But, with guidance and patience, it can be cultivated in our daily lives.

In her keynote, “The Happiness Fallacy,” Ana uncovers and explores the psychological blind spots that hold us back. Her engaging presentation moves audiences to re-envision and revitalize how they live their lives for both the personal and collective good. This speech teaches audiences everything they didn’t know they needed to know about upgrading their mind’s operating systems—and it gives them the tools they need to start doing it today.

In this engaging and deeply insightful keynote, Ana helps audiences

  • Break through their mindset limitations.
  • Reframe their approach to happiness.
  • Upgrade their minds’ operating systems.
  • Better understand and self-regulate their emotions.
  • Achieve meaningful, lasting results…while enjoying the process.

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If your audience is ready to stop pursuing happiness and start living it, they’re ready for “The Happiness Fallacy.”

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