Published Articles:

 Think a Target Market Is Limiting? Think Again – guest blog at Book Yourself Solid® – Click here.

 Hitting the Target – How to Choose a Target Market that Will Get You Booked Solid published by Choice: The Magazine of Professional Coaching – Click here.

 How can your small business online marketing make an impact? – guest blog at – Click here.

Press Releases:

YELP! Fireside Chat – MINDSET ZONE: Ana Melikian, PhD, facilitated a Fireside Chat at Yelp’s Scottsdale, AZ office – Click here.

The Huffington Post featured podcast, MINDSET ZONE, brings powerful experiences to explore new possibilities and get a mindset workout – Click here.

 The Art and Science of Sales: Ana Melikian, PhD, spoke at Entrepreneur Magazine‘s Thought Leaders Live Event – Click here.

 How To Choose A Target Market: Ana Melikian, PhD, BCC, ACC teamed with NY Times best selling author Michael Port to write an article for Choice – Click here.

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