Life is two days, and the first we spend waking up.

Ana Melikian

This phrase from a Portuguese song I loved to listen to in the 90s sums up the extraordinary moment when clients contact me.

Like any good chorus, the phrase is worth repeating.

Life is two days, and the first we spend waking up.

When we become aware of this, what do we do?

Do we finally express what we believe and start writing our own scripts, or do we just keep going trying to meet other people’s expectations?

How can we live more fully and be a positive force in this world?

These are the kinds of questions my ideal clients ask.

A lot of the GenXers and Baby Boomers I work with find themselves in the middle of lives and businesses with a desire to do more than they’ve done before. They’re halfway through the journey; they’re awake, alive, and ready to realize—if they haven’t already—that there’s freedom in constraint.

Yes, in constraint comes freedom.

They can decide their lives are half over and so they might as well throw in the towel;

Or they can choose to get the support they need to live their calling;

And become energized and inspired while walking their talk.

If you are a long-life learner who wants to make a positive impact and enjoy doing it, you’ve come to the right place.

If you don’t already know me, I’m Ana Melikian. I’m a Board Certified Coach with a Ph.D. in Psychology. My mission is to help people enjoy their lives fully by aligning mindset, strategy, and implementation.

My Mindset Zone Podcast is where I breakdown concepts, theories, and ideas to help listeners expand what they think is possible.

For more than a decade, I've empowered coaches & consultants to navigate the online world with ease and joy, to amplify their reach, and to market their services through my work at AMAZE Coaching and Solo Biz Academy. I'm also the Director of Education for Book Yourself Solid®.

One of my expertise is to help executive coaches & consultants develop a systemic approach to get high-value clients on LinkedIn via H2H (Human-To-Human) Networking & Outreach.

I'm at my best working with CEOs and other results-driven, high-achievers to 4X their success!

Take action in your life and your work.

Master your thoughts, your time, and your talents for your most significant contributions yet.

I’m happy to help.

P.S.: Speaking is one of my passions. I love to inspire audiences to learn what matters most to create a meaningful impact while enjoying the process!

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