Stickability: An Essential Mindset for Success with Greg S. Reid

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“If you surround yourself with the people who've actually done what everyone else is talking about, you cut your learning curve by 10 years.”

– Greg S. Reid

I had the pleasure of speaking with Greg Reid, a top 10 rated keynote speaker by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazines, an award-winning author who has published over a hundred books in 45 countries, and a filmmaker who produced an Oscar-qualified film—Wishman, streaming worldwide.

He is also the founder of the Secret Knock, a Forbes and Inc. Magazine top-rated event focused on partnerships, networking, and business development.

We discuss:

  • The power of persevering through challenging times
  • Clarity of goals and dreams as a guide for decision-making
  • The value of seeking counsel from experienced and knowledgeable individuals

The power of persevering through challenging times

The power of persevering through challenging times

Stickability—alongside its essential counterpart, flexibility—means persevering through challenges to reach a goal. The methods used to reach a goal may shift with time and circumstance, but the end goal remains the same.  

When we embark on a path with every step planned out, we’re likely to run home at the first sign of an unexpected element. Greg challenges us to push forward instead and adapt to new circumstances.

“It's what we say to the universe, to our God, to ourselves, to our subconscious mind that really matters. It is that self-talk where some people might say, ‘God, why does this always happen to me?’ Then the universe goes, ‘This is why, you dummy,’ and gives you more of that,” he says. “But for myself and my friends, we always say, ‘What's the solution and the challenge I'm facing right now? What’s the opportunity on the other side that may not be apparent?’”

That shift in mindset is a sizable part of what differentiates the 95% of dreamers from the 5% that achieve their goals. If we tell ourselves we’ll only accept one version of success, we may end up stuck on the couch no matter how much we wish we were walking down the street.

Clarity of goals and dreams as a guide for decision-making

Clarity of goals and dreams as a guide for decision making

We’ve all had brushes with people-pleasing behavior, either from ourselves or others. We say yes to everything even if we’re not 100% committed to that project or workload and overextend. That type of living is a killer of stickability. We can’t focus on the projects that truly matter to us if we’re only taking on things that matter to others.

“I became selective, and I started only saying yes to things that I'd have stickability with. I'd see through the end, and it changed my whole paradigm,” Greg says. “And, unfortunately, now people see me as this stickability guy knowing I get things done, and every day I get phone calls and texts and emails from people trying to put their projects on my back 'cause they know they'll get done. So I have to say, ‘No, no, no, no,' if it does not serve my higher good.”

Time is precious. It is our responsibility to decide what we devote our time to because time is one thing that is constantly slipping by. Clarity supports a life full of what matters most to us.

If a project does not support a higher-end goal or ignite passion and resonance, that is probably a sign that it is not the right project to say yes to. Decisions become easier when weighed against value and energy.

We are all tasked with asking ourselves a few key questions before committing to something:

  • Does this support my goals?
  • Can I combine this with my most pressing project(s)?
  • Does it ignite passion or resonance?
  • Will I have stickability for this project?

The value of seeking counsel from experienced and knowledgeable individuals

The value of seeking counsel from experienced and knowledgeable individuals

Successful people seek counsel, and failures listen to opinions. What is the difference between the two?

Opinion typically comes from a family friend or an acquaintance who has never done what we’re looking to achieve. Their opinions likely come from ignorance or even a sense of protectiveness. Opinions should be taken with a grain of salt—if they have not lived the topic of discussion, all is a matter of baseless opinion.

Counsel, on the other hand, comes from experienced individuals who have already paved the way and are succeeding in the relevant field or venture. Their advice comes from tangible experiences and hard-won lessons. Counsel comes from wisdom.

“If we would spend our activity only seeking counsel and ignoring opinion, that's the day our life shifts, and that's a day our lives change forever,” Greg shares. “Surround yourself with people who are getting the results that you want.”

Don’t ask the starving artist for tips and tricks; hang out by the galleries and watch whose work is flying off the shelves. Call them. Reach out to them and learn whatever they are willing to teach.

“When I wanted to become a bestselling author, I went to the bookstore. I bought every bestselling book 'cause that was my goal,” he continues. “I called every single one of them and said, ‘Teach me the system. Teach me the plan.’ And they did.”

Surrounding ourselves with people we have respect for, not influence over, is a critical step for gaining success and building a joy-filled life.

What is a goal you’ve applied stickability to? What has that looked like for you?

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