Focus To Succeed with Omar Zenhom

“It’s important for you to get used to the idea that it’s very hard to do well at something if you spread yourself too thin.” — Omar Zenhom I had the pleasure of sitting down with Omar Zenhom, Co-Founder of Business Republic, where he—and his partner Nicole Baldinu—started an alternative business education program called The… Continue reading Focus To Succeed with Omar Zenhom

Unfocus To Focus

I can’t stop focusing on focus 🙂 First it was the interview with Omar Zenhom – episode 35 of this podcast titled “Focus To Succeed“ Then, it was last show – episode 36 – about “Focus Without Focus.” Today, I decided to speak about “Unfocus to Focus.” During my conversation with Omar, he spoke about an interesting phenomenon that… Continue reading Unfocus To Focus

Focus Without Focus

Last episode I interviewed Omar Zenhom about how to “Focus To Succeed.”  Afterwards, several ideas emerged for me that led to the topic “Focus Without Focus.” “Focus to Succeed” only works when we are focused on the essential projects that help us move forward. Our focus has to be on target. Moreover, if we take focus as the… Continue reading Focus Without Focus

Focus To Succeed (with Omar Zenhom)

In this episode, I interviewed a fellow podcaster – Omar Zenhom. Omar is the Co-Founder of Business Republic, where he, and his partner Nicole Baldinu, started an alternative business education program called The $100 MBA – a culmination  of his years in business and education. They also offer daily, free 10-minute business lessons with their podcast The $100 MBA Show, that I highly recommend you subscribe to. In our conversation we spoke about: