5 Steps To Build a Network (even if you don’t like networking)

By: | Posted in: Get More Clients | Monday, Feb 3, 2014 - 7:15pm

Last week I hosted the weekly Coaching Success Session from the Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training.

I picked a topic that I truly believe can make a huge difference for any self-employed professional:

5 Steps To Build a Network to Book Yourself Solid


Can You Think About a Movie without a Trailer? – How does this apply to your marketing?

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How often have you seen a trailer that makes want to see the entire movie?

This is the reason why the big cinema studios spend so much time and money creating these short previews.

So why do so many entrepreneurs spend countless hours to create online products, and don't engage potential clients in the anticipation of what is to come?

Yes, it's true. Info-products, from books to online programs, are a valuable way to build trust and credibility with your potential clients and create residual income too.

Yet, it's not enough to create a great product, because if nobody knows that your product exists, you will not get new clients.

To have a marketing plan is essential, and it can be as simple as the Book Yourself Solid 3-Step Launch Sequence: (more…)