Ana is an expert on how to use online marketing strategies that respect the principles and results of the Book Yourself Solid system. She has an unique approach which includes knowledge in both psychology and technology. Her warm personality and amazing toolbox minimize your online marketing challenges, even if you hate technology and marketing strategies in general. I highly recommend that you work with Ana — you will get booked solid with ease and joy.
—Michael Port

My Catch-22 has always been a low marketing budget. I have the talent and skills to find clients, but the monetization of my business has always been a challenge. When I found you, Ana, it was the perfect solution, as you are an expert in technology, marketing, and life coaching. You are the most complete, creative, compassionate, and comprehensive coach I have ever worked with in my 50 years as a businesswoman and 30 years as an entrepreneur. You are supportive, generous, and farsighted and have helped me double my business in the few months I have experienced your amazing coaching programs and one-on-one support. Thank you, Ana, for my recent business and life success!
—Judith Fine-Sarchielli

Ana is a rare coach who not only supports your business goals but also has the technical know-how to help you shortcut countless hours of frustration. Her style is so clear, kind and supportive. She is able to break down complex processes into simple doable steps that truly move your business forward. I came away from her training with concrete tools I can use right away and immediately got two new clients. If you want to increase your clientele, I highly recommend her.
—Marlene Zaleznick

Ana has been my indispensable mentor, and at times, savior, as I am learning to expand my coaching and healing work online. If you are a procrastinator, technophobic, or at a loss where to begin, Ana offers everything you need integrating into one place. She has helped me avoid making costly mistakes in time and money by redefining my market, services, and strategy as well as updating and implementing my online technology needs. Her trusty coaching support, where she shares your computer screen remotely, helps you feel like you have an angel at your side when you are going down a black hole.
I only wish I had met Ana years ago when I started my business, I would have been empowered to achieve so much more, been more cost effective and had a whole lot more fun. Thanks to Ana’s AMAZING work, I am truly empowered to succeed now in the work I love.
—Mary Liz Murphy

Ana is my person of choice for all questions about online marketing. The world of online or internet marketing offers entrepreneurs like me a huge array of opportunities. But it can also be a serious challenge, intimidating and overwhelming.
Ana has the unique ability to find solutions even for the most complex marketing challenges (like setting up interlaced autoresponder rules or implementing a specific membership website solution), that are easy to understand and simple to implement. She has a profound knowledge of the Book Yourself Solid marketing system and will always put the tasks in the right perspective to make sure, you will achieve your overall goals.
With her winning personality and the possession of a vast treasure trove of marketing experience she supports me in the best possible way. I regularly take part in her weekly “How-to…” webinars and I advise all entrepreneurs to do the same. You will benefit much more than you can ever imagine.
If you want to become a successful entrepreneur and use effectively the most advanced marketing systems in an efficient way, I highly recommend, that you turn to Ana. She will make your business to become more successful and your life easier.
—Axel Schaumann

I have been formulating in my mind what I wanted to offer (a Spiritual Education Program) and how I should go about doing so, without too much success. Working with Ana is forcing me to be specific and think of the project from the buyer’s point of view rather than from my own. Going through the questions in an orderly fashion has also been helpful because I’m not too organized. In addition, while participating in the phone calls, I have had several specific questions answered and learned a lot from other participant’s questions. I guess the real ah-ha moment for me was when I started writing and began to get a sense of my own voice. That is exciting. As a result, I am working regularly on both the technology, which is my bane and on my materials and feeling inspired to resolve the former and expand the latter.
—Mike Campbell

When I joined Ana’s group coaching program, I had many goals and a lot of enthusiasm. The problem was that my attention was scattered with all the things I wanted to accomplish. Ana is a master at helping people really hone in on what’s most important so they can take a realistic step-by-step approach. She is particularly gifted at using metaphors which capture the essence of a situation and helping her clients to find clarity. Her mPWR10 tool helps one keep daily focus between sessions. As a result of working with Ana, I am learning to be more laser-focused and thus accomplish a lot more… in fact, I am now very close to launching my own group-coaching program.
—Nan Reed Twiss

I was attempting to recreate my own business and realized there was a lot of technical and marketing skill I completely lacked, which made my work difficult and discouraging. I found Ana and she had the skills, tools and expertise necessary to get me motivated and productive. I'm actually enjoying the process of creating my business consciously and no longer feel stressed about taking the steps needed in order to become sustainably successful. Through Ana's effective coaching process I've realized my deepest desires and interests are most valuable to my business! I'm excited and energized now when I talk about ‘what I do'. How does it get any better than this?
—Nina Smith

Ana has been an incredible help to me. Last year I was spinning my wheels trying to find the best way to take the necessary first steps in a new direction. Through Ana's creative and intuitive coaching, she helped me to get focused on what was truly most important to me in order to move forward.
I still use our notes from our past sessions to continue building momentum and pushing through challenges that arise.

If you've been trying to move in a new direction but feel like you're still standing in the same place, I highly recommend getting in contact with Ana. She is passionate about helping people to not only find the courage to take the needed steps toward their goals, but in helping you discover what those steps are.
—Karen Haviley

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