The Courage Mindset with CB Bowman

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“My intent is not to shame or blame. My intent is to create awareness.”

CB Bowman

Today, CB joins me to redefine courage. She explains that our classic understanding of courage is too lofty and unattainable and that the real thing is much more down-to-earth. She gives examples of everyday tasks that take courage and defines courage as the ability to act despite adversaries and despite supporters.

She notes the importance of creating awareness, and she posits that everyone holds responsibility for how what they say comes across to others. She also introduces her 6-step process of courage.

This Week on The Mindset Zone:

  • Redefining courage
  • The different parts of the world we live in that require courage
  • The importance of being aware of how your actions come across to others
  • The 6-step process of courage

The Guest:

Meet CB Bowman, MBA, the host of the “Courage: To Leap & Lead” videocast & podcast. CB is a Certified Master Corporate Executive Coach with 20+ years of experience working in marketing, coaching, and branding. Her keynote, “The Courage to Leap & Lead” inspires others to go for the gold by finding courage through simple solutions to complex problems, by re-envisioning how we think about courage in terms of profitability, and a willingness to see failure as a success. CB was named one of the Power List of the Top 200 Biggest Voices in Leadership in 2022 by Leadershum; Top 50 Coaches in the World by Thinkers50; Global Gurus also named her as one of the top 15 experts in branding and ranked by Marshall Goldsmith Top Global Coaches as the #1 coach for increasing the quality of coaching. She is also a Member of MG100.

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