You Are Your Own Worst Boss | Jordan Goldrich interviews Ana Melikian, Ph.D.

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“Sometimes we fall into the trap of becoming the things that we criticize. The things that we didn’t like we are doing to ourselves. That is when we become our own worst bosses.”

Ana Melikian

In this episode, Jordan Goldrich, the host of the Workplace Warrior Podcast, interviewed me about why entrepreneurs and corporate executives are often their own worst bosses.

We discuss why I believe the pursuit of happiness often causes us to develop a ‘blind spot’ in our personal and professional lives, why happiness is a choice, and how you can confront your self-doubt and ‘inner gremlins’ so you can put it into perspective and allow your wiser inner self to step in.

We discuss the 7 blind spots that make up the Happiness Fallacy, why happiness should be viewed as a spontaneous event instead of something you can force or will into action, and how we can create conditions in our lives to cultivate positive emotions.

We discuss what it means to be a successful leader and the importance of embracing things that – at the surface – seem to be contradictory. We also discuss why I believe leaders often become their own worst boss and how we can still accomplish our goals without becoming our own worst critic. This episode was rebroadcast here at the Mindset Zone with explicit consent from Jordan Goldrich, the host of the Workplace Warrior Podcast.

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • Choosing happiness instead of pursuing it
  • Confronting your self-doubt, impostor syndrome, and ‘inner gremlins’
  • Being aware of your inner critical voice so you can put it into perspective and press the pause button
  • Understanding what Toxic Positivity is
  • The 7 blind spots of the Happiness Fallacy
  • Creating conditions to cultivate and allow happiness and positive emotions to thrive
  • The limitations of the mindset concept
  • Why changing your mindset and way of thinking is not enough to achieve happiness
  • The core reason behind the Great Resignation
  • Identifying your purpose and what you stand for as a human being
  • Making a positive impact and leaving a positive legacy
  • What it really means to be a successful leader
  • Being willing to embrace things that, at the surface, seem to be contradictory
  • The connection between the Navy Seals Ethos and powerful leadership
  • When I believe leaders become their own worst bosses – and how to correct it
  • Why your ‘inner bully’ does not always have your best interests at heart
  • How to put your ‘inner bully’ in its place


About Jordan Goldrich: Jordan is a Master Corporate Executive Coach, MCEC, who specializes in working with senior executives to be completely authentic, fulfill their mission, and drive results without damaging relationships. He is also the author of the Amazon best-seller, “Workplace Warrior: People Skills For the No-BullShit Executive” and host of the podcast Workplace Warrior: Drive Results Without Damaging Relationships®

About Ana Melikian: Ana is an optimist who had to overcome two bouts with cancer to learn that pursuing happiness is a fallacy and that choosing happiness is a much more powerful strategy to tap into your highest potential. Either by working with leaders and their teams or other coaches and consultants, Ana supports her clients to break through their mindset limitations and upgrade their psychological operating system so that they achieve better results than ever in work, in life, enjoying the process all throughout. She’s the host of the Mindset Zone Podcast which has been selected for Huffington Post’s “15 Podcasts That Will Leave You Pondering Life’s Big Questions.”

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “We have our internal limitations which dictate how much happiness, how much abundance, how much success, how much love we’re allowed to feel. It’s a moment where you can make a choice.” – Jordan Goldrich
  • “We can take charge, lead ourselves and the people that we work with, and accomplish our goals without bullying ourselves.” – Ana Melikian

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