You Can’t Push through Uncertainty with Steven Feinberg

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“When confronted by uncertainty, first adapters win not by pushing harder with willpower, but by unlocking the game of patterns.”

– Steven Feinberg

Steven joins me today to discuss what NeuroStrategy is and how it can help leaders and organizations triumph. He shares how growing up in a world of uncertainty shaped his path to becoming a NeuroStrategist.

He explains the characteristics of a “first adapter” and outlines the principles of NeuroStrategy. He also reveals why using willpower alone is one of the biggest mistakes people make when they get stuck in a problem and provides an example of how higher-order pattern recognition can empower leaders and entrepreneurs.

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • Steven’s background and his journey to becoming a NeuroStrategist
  • NeuroStrategy and its applications for entrepreneurs
  • What it means to be a first adapter
  • Seeing your options through Game Spotting
  • Defying expectations with Pattern Busting
  • How framing the future can help you create the exception
  • The Task Commander and the Complexity Thinker
  • How coaches and trusted advisors can help leaders overcome blindspots
  • The difference between a “first-order” and “second-order” change
  • Why we get stuck in solving problems
  • The power of higher-order pattern recognition

The Guest:

Steven Feinberg is a NeuroStrategist and executive coach. The leading authority on applying NeuroStrategy and game-changing leadership, Steven has been working with entrepreneurs and organizations to strive for exceptionality. He has consulted and coached owners, executives, and C-suite leaders from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Google, and Wells Fargo. Steven taught at the University of San Francisco School of Business and Professional Studies for over 30 years, focusing on Organizational Behavior and Leadership. He is the author of several books, including the international bestsellers, Do What Others Say Can't Be Done: Play the Meta-Game and Advantage Makers: How Exceptional Leaders Win by Creating Opportunities Others Don't.

Connect with Steven Feinberg:

Do What Others Say Can't Be Done: Play the Meta-Game Steven Feinberg

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