Ana Melikian Ph.D. is a force for positive psychology and unlocking human potential. A mesmerizing and engaging keynote speaker, Ana empowers audiences to break through their mindset limitations and achieve meaningful, lasting results.

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Ana’s captivating presentation style, engaging interactive elements, and kind-hearted personality won us all over from beginning to end. I would welcome her back to speak at future events any time.”

Jennifer Norman
Lead Planner of WeTheChange West Coast 2022 Meeting
Ana Melikian

Meet Ana

What does it

mean to be happy

Ana Melikian

For as long as she can remember, Ana’s goal in life was the pursuit of happiness.

But when she was diagnosed with cancer, Ana came to a stark realization: as long as her goal was merely the pursuit of happiness, she’d never fully obtain it—and she’d never come to embody the power of now.

Ana began cultivating and choosing positivity in nearly every aspect of her life. Not by engaging in emotional bypassing or embracing cliches like “fake it til you make it,” but by diving into the research and investigating some of life’s most complicated and challenging questions.


As a keynote speaker, Ana combines extensive research, life experiences, and two decades of work in human potential to help audiences everywhere overcome their psychological blindspots and start living healthier, happier, and more purposeful lives.

When she isn’t speaking on the stage,
Ana continues the conversation on her podcast, THE MINDSET ZONE, where she conducts insightful and enlightening interviews with a wide range of guests.

“I have learned so much and broken down so many barriers to success, thanks to Ana’s wisdom and teachings. I love that she focuses on all three; mindset, strategy, and execution.”

Katharine Halpin
Founder / CEO of The Halpin Companies, Inc..

Uncover the blind spots keeping you
from tapping into your fullest potential.


The Happiness Fallacy

Uncover the blind spots that hold us back

Through her personal revelations and her experience as a Ph.D. in Psychology, Ana came to understand that happiness cannot be forced. But, with guidance and patience, it can be cultivated in our daily lives.

In her keynote, “The Happiness Fallacy,” Ana uncovers and explores the psychological blind spots that hold us back. Her engaging presentation moves audiences to re-envision and revitalize how they live their lives for both the personal and collective good. This speech teaches audiences everything they didn’t know they needed to know about upgrading their mind’s operating systems—and it gives them the tools they need to start doing it today.

In this deeply insightful and entertaining keynote, Ana helps audiences

  • Break through their mindset limitations.
  • Reframe their approach to happiness.
  • Upgrade their minds’ operating systems.
  • Better understand and self-regulate their emotions.
  • Achieve meaningful, lasting results…while enjoying the process.

If your audience is ready to stop pursuing
happiness and start living it, they’re ready for
“The Happiness Fallacy.”

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Ana Melikian offers the perfect blend of entertainment and insight in every speech she delivers. She’s one of the rare PhDs who makes complex concepts easy to understand and implement. Even more important is the fact that she always operates with the highest level of integrity. She’s a values driven person who shows up in service of others.”

Michael Port

Founder & CEO of Heroic Public Speaking
“New York Times” and “Wall Street Journal” bestselling author of Steal the Show

Ana Melikian

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