Ana Melikian, Ph.D., supports purpose-driven individuals & organizations to increase their impact while preventing burnout.

It’s possible to achieve more while enjoying the process, creating meaningful change while having a life too.

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Ana’s captivating presentation style, engaging interactive elements, and kind-hearted personality won us all over from beginning to end. I would welcome her back to speak at future events any time.”

Jennifer Norman
Lead Planner of WeTheChange West Coast 2022 Meeting
Ana Melikian

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Ana Melikian

Ana is a human potential expert and survivor of two bouts of cancer, embodying resilience and inspiring change through self-leadership.

Leveraging over twenty years of experience in psychology and business, Ana champions a comprehensive approach to unlocking our human potential that considers individual development, the power of relationships, and systemic forces.

Ana is the founder of AMAZE Coaching LLC. Learn about her Mission, Vision, and Values statements and give back pledge HERE.


As a keynote speaker, Ana combines extensive research, life experiences, and two decades of work in human potential to help audiences everywhere overcome their psychological blindspots and start living healthier, happier, and more purposeful lives.

When she isn’t speaking on stage, Ana continues the conversation on her podcast, THE MINDSET ZONE, where she conducts insightful and enlightening interviews with a wide range of guests.

“I have learned so much and broken down so many barriers to success, thanks to Ana’s wisdom and teachings. I love that she focuses on all three; mindset, strategy, and execution.”

Katharine Halpin
Founder / CEO of The Halpin Companies, Inc..

Uncover the blind spots keeping you
from tapping into your fullest potential.

NEW Keynote

Humane AI

Finding hope and possibilities in the world of Artificial Intelligence

As AI increasingly infiltrates our lives—from curating playlists to generating content—its potential to both awe and overpower us has never been more apparent. This session addresses the critical balance between embracing AI’s innovative capabilities and recognizing its challenges, including the risk of burnout amidst rapid digital transformation.

You will discover how to harness AI positively with a proactive approach to technology that enhances rather than detracts from our humanity. Using her own learnings of surviving two bouts with cancer and over twenty years of experience in psychology and business, Dr. Ana Melikian will show you how to use AI as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, all while avoiding being overwhelmed by the fast pace of change.

Prepare to be inspired, to rethink your relationship with technology, and to emerge with strategies for thriving in an AI-enhanced world without succumbing to burnout.

In this deeply insightful and engaging keynote, Ana helps audiences:

  • Recognize the dual nature of AI, appreciating its potential for innovation while being mindful of its challenges
  • Ensure technology enhances rather than detracts from our humanity
  • Understand burnout, its different manifestations, and strategies to prevent it
  • Shift perspectives from reactive to proactive
  • Master the P.I.E. Method™, a simple yet powerful three-step approach for amplifying impact while avoiding burnout.
  • Achieve meaningful, lasting results, transforming the journey into a rewarding process.

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Ana Melikian offers the perfect blend of entertainment and insight in every speech she delivers. She’s one of the rare PhDs who makes complex concepts easy to understand and implement. Even more important is the fact that she always operates with the highest level of integrity. She’s a values driven person who shows up in service of others.”

Michael Port

Founder & CEO of Heroic Public Speaking
“New York Times” and “Wall Street Journal” bestselling author of Steal the Show

Ana Melikian

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