Through the Lenses with Raj Bandyopadhyay

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“In your brand, you tell a wide range of stories about yourself. Reflecting that journey with your photos is an opportunity to create an emotional connection with clients.”

Raj Bandyopadhyay

Raj joins me today to discuss how you can tell your personal brand’s story through photos. He explains why he’s passionate about helping people navigate their reservations around having their photos taken.

He describes ageism and the age-related biases present in social media and the entertainment industry. He outlines the four limiting beliefs that hinder people from showing their authentic selves in their personal brand.

Raj also reveals how you can bring your relaxed, playful, and spontaneous side when posing for portraits and how you can elevate your brand’s story through photos.

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“Be gentle with yourself” – Sandy Joy Weston Interviews Ana Melikian, Ph.D.

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“Many women are on a mission to make a difference and create an impact but are very hard on themselves. Relax, do the best you can, and be gentle on yourself.”

Ana Melikian

In today’s episode, I joined Sandy, the host of the Instagram live “Hey, I’ve Got Something to Say,” to discuss the importance of being gentle with ourselves. We describe how women tend to doubt themselves and how they get critical of themselves before, during, and after their mission to change the world.

We discuss mental fitness and how training our mental capacity for resilience takes time, practice, and patience. We also highlight the important role of negative emotions and underscore how we can cultivate the conditions where happiness can thrive and flourish in our lives.

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Limitless & Success with Laura Gassner Otting

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“Our definition of success has to continue to grow, change, and evolve as we continue to grow, change, and evolve.”

Laura Gassner Otting

Laura joins me today to share her wisdom on success and being limitless. She defines success and explains why we need to allow our own definition to change as we grow.

She describes why we need to plan for success and why planning for failure gets us stuck. She also discusses why being successful doesn’t necessarily make us happy, underscores what consonance is and why it matters and highlights the importance of frequently reevaluating our lives as we continue to grow as people.

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Problem Solving and Social Justice with Cathy Snyder

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“We will never say we’re going to solve hunger—that’s a much bigger issue tied with many layers of public and social policy. What we’re going to do is not let really good food go to waste while people need it.”

Cathy Snyder

Cathy joins us today to discuss food insecurity, poverty, and how the Rolling Harvest Food Rescue movement is alleviating food waste and hunger in the country.

She shares how she became aware of what poverty and food insecurity really look like in the country. She describes the events that led to the founding of Rolling Harvest Food Rescue and explains the importance of dialogue in solving problems.

She also elaborates on how movements like Rolling Harvest create a ripple effect and highlights how alleviating food insecurity benefits society entirely.

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Busy? Stop it with Don Khouri

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“Being purposefully productive means you’re feeling in control, crystal clear on goals, making progress on your most important goals, and conscious about how you invest your time.” 

Don Khouri

Don joins us today to discuss shifting our mindsets and vocabularies around busyness and productivity. He explains why we get into trouble with our to-do lists and offers advice on prioritizing tasks.

He outlines the different cognitive biases we need to be aware of when making decisions and underscores why multitasking is an illusion. He also reveals why it may be better to learn how to say “yes” and highlights the importance of being purposefully productive.

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