Embracing Tree Hugging Capitalism with Nicole Fende

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“You can find nature everywhere if you look. The the impetus for this tree hugging capitalism was, yes, protecting nature, but also valuing people.”

-Nicole Fende

In this episode, Ana Melikian is joined by Nicole Fende, a former CFO and investment banker turned business coach for creatives. Co-founder of Creatopia, Nicole, shares her refreshing perspective on “tree-hugging capitalism,” where making money goes hand in hand with caring for nature and championing social causes and creativity.

Nicole delves into how her background in hardcore numbers intertwined with her love for nature led her to reshape the concept of success in the business realm. The pair discuss fair trade practices, the undervalued importance of nurturing people and the planet, and the potentially transformative impact of these practices on the environment and on business values.

Nicole emphasizes the unique role AI plays for creatives, suggesting it will enhance the value of human creations, while Ana underscores the necessity of human voice in steering AI and business in a direction that uncovers and uplifts human potential.

Nicole shares the inception of Creatopia, a creative community and resource haven founded to help creatives achieve sustainable prosperity without sacrificing their artistic integrity. Highlighting the power of community-based business models, Nicole illustrates that profits do not have to be at odds with values.

This episode also comes with a special quiz crafted by Nicole Fende, designed to identify what's blocking your creativity.

Let's dive in!

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • 01:29 Introducing Nicole Fende: From Corporate to Creativity Champion
  • 02:05 Exploring Tree Hugging Capitalism
  • 02:54 Nicole's Journey: From Numbers to Nature
  • 05:49 The Impact of Fair Trade and Conscious Capitalism
  • 08:49 Transitioning to Support Creatives and Small Businesses
  • 10:19 Launching Creatopia: A New Venture for Creative Prosperity
  • 18:18 The Future of Creativity in the Age of AI
  • 21:26 Harnessing Creativity to Combat Stress and Burnout
  • 25:53 Creatopia: A Haven for Creatives and Their Audience
  • 27:59 Final Thoughts and Resources

Meet the Guest:

Nicole Fende, aka The Numbers Whisperer®, helps creatives achieve business success. She is the author of two books, designer of the card game Body Be Gone™, and belongs to an amateur improv group.

Drawing on her background as an investment banker, CFO, and credentialed actuary, Nicole co-founded Creatopia® to nurture joyful creativity and foster creators’ prosperity.

Nicole Fende

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