Harnessing Positivity for Success: Chris Toledo’s Journey from Basketball to Motivational Speaking

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“My trademark brand of positivity is called positosis.”

-Chris Toledo

In this episode of the Mindset Zone, host Ana Melikian talks with Chris Toledo, a former professional basketball player turned motivational speaker, about his career journey and the pivotal role positivity played in his success.

Toledo shares his experiences from playing basketball in college and professionally in Mexico to teaching dance and finally becoming a professional speaker. He introduces the concept of Positosis, his brand of positivity, and how it has influenced both his career and his mission to help others.

The discussion also covers his transition from athlete to a leading figure in fitness and entertainment, including his work with Reebok and ESPN and his eventual pivot towards personal and organizational development with a focus on positivity and mental fitness.

Let's dive in!

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • 00:00 Harnessing Positivity in High-Pressure Moments
  • 01:46 The Power of Positivity: Chris Toledo's Basketball Journey
  • 06:19 Transitioning from Professional Basketball to Club Med and Beyond
  • 09:11 Embracing Dance and Launching a Global Fitness Program
  • 12:09 From TV Fame to Discovering Tai Chi and a New Mission
  • 14:50 Becoming a Professional Speaker and Emcee
  • 17:58 Introducing Positosis: A Unique Brand of Positivity
  • 19:52 The Positosis Mindset: Reset and Remix
  • 22:07 Chris Toledo's Journey: Inspiring Through Positosis

Meet the Guest:

Chris Toledo is a keynote communicator, storyteller, multilingual surprise and delight speaker, and MC who helps organizations improve and develop company culture through a dynamic crafted experience on the power of Positosis™.

Chris’ trademarked Positosis™ is a mindset reset that transforms life's experiences into personal and professional success by training and retraining YOUR brain to scan for the positive FIRST to shift into a positive mindset.

A former international professional basketball player and television show host, Chris is comfortable in the spotlight. With a host of experiences ranging from being the on-air host of “The Reebok City Jam Show,” in association with ESPN, Universal Studios Orlando, Reebok International, to working with Club Med International, Chris Toledo's positive, focused, and engaging energy entertains, delights, educates and moves audiences, while sharing the essential Positosis skills for personal and professional success.

Chris’s keynote, “The Positosis Mindset,” teaches and demonstrates tips and tools to tap into YOUR Positosis Mindset on command. With his unique brand of storytelling that has a natural ebb and flow, a signature style, and cadence, his presentations are a combination of insight and entertainment to deliver a transformative interactive experience.

The work that Chris has done includes collaborations with AirBnB, TikTok, Amazon, Nordstroms, and The Boeing Leadership Association in the role of Master of Ceremony, Keynote Speaker and a hybrid of the two.

Chris Toledo

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