The NEW Game of Service with Mitch Axelrod

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The NEW Game of Service with Mitch Axelrod

” If the people are serving the system, you have an inversion of value. If it gets extreme, you have a perversion of value, to where the system actually, instead of serving people, abuses people.”

-Mitch Axelrod

In this episode, Ana Melikian is joined by Mitch Axelrod, a business strategist and advisor, to discuss the importance of serving people in business and the impact of technology, automation, and outsourcing. Together, they delve into the soulful approach to success, revealing Mitch's “Soul. Role. Goal.” framework to serve people first, anchored in a philosophy that values the human element in every business interaction.

Ana and Mitch discuss procedures, automation, and AI and their potential to either uplift humanity or facilitate systemic abuse. They stress the critical importance of companies focusing on genuinely loving and serving the customer (and their employees), rather than being hamstrung by rigid rules and impersonal policies.

Our guest, Mitch Axelrod, shares his wisdom on nurturing human capital, aligning the soul, role, and goal of companies, and fostering a work environment that champions humanity and engagement. They take a critical look at modern work culture, questioning whether we’ve lost sight of the human connection.

Strap in for a journey that rethinks standard business practices and advocates for leading with soul and purpose.

Let's dive in!

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • 00:00 Introduction and Purpose of Systems
  • 00:44 Meet the Host and the Guest
  • 01:26 The NEW Game of Business
  • 03:04 Mitch's Early Life and Business Ethos
  • 04:44 The Importance of Service in Business
  • 06:16 The Value of Service and its Impact on Business
  • 08:17 Service as a Profit Center
  • 11:30 The Impact of AI and Automation on Service
  • 12:47 The Soul, Role, Goal Model
  • 14:35 The Inversion of Value and its Consequences
  • 17:48 The Importance of Work-Life Balance
  • 22:28 The Future of Business and Conclusion
  • 30:38 Where to Learn More About Mitch's Work
  • 31:47 Closing Remarks and Podcast Outro

Meet the Guest:

Mitch Axelrod is a 45-year entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, advisor, and a # 1 Wall St. Journal, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon best-selling author. Mitch has delivered 3,500 seminars, workshops, keynotes, webinars, executive briefings, and coaching clinics on business, entrepreneurship, sales, leadership, values, intellectual property, and life skills to more than a million people.

Mitch is the author of The NEW Game of Business™, The NEW Game of IP™ (Intellectual Property), and the #1 bestseller, The NEW Game of Selling™. His articles, special reports, newsletters, white papers, and training programs are read in 40 countries. Mitch is an intellectual property specialist who pioneered “renting your content” to monetize IP.

Golden Mike Award winner for speaking excellence and industry contribution, he has helped his clients generate $3 billion in revenue.

Featured on dozens of media, including WABC, Best-Seller TV, and Sales Talk Radio, Mitch has taught at NYU, USC, Notre Dame and is faculty at Harvard's Executive Leadership Conference.

In 2020, Mitch suffered a stroke and brain aneurysm that left him paralyzed on his right side. His story of rebound, resilience, and recovery is inspirational and transformational!

Mitch Axelrod

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