Failure and The Way To Success

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Last week I spoke about the Art of Repurposing and a new perspective from the Icarus Myth I learned from one of my favorite authors: Seth Godin.

During that episode I said:

If we want to succeed, we may fail many times.

Now, I want to correct myself:

If we want to succeed, we must fail many times.

We must build a strong failure resilience if we want success.

It took me a long time to internalize this maximum, and I have to admit it’s not always comfortable to follow.

Two resources that help me build my failure resilience are:


See the video below and ask yourself:

– “What did I fail at today?


The other resource is a book titled:
Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There

The author Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz create a compelling story to show us how our image of a fork in the road where one option is failure and the other option is success, is a misleading one. A better and more realistic visualization is to see failures are the stepping stones to success.

What are you waiting for:

Just take the risk, do it, fail, learn and try again.

Repeat this, as many time as you need, to succeed.