Celebrating Craft in Business & Life with Adam McKee

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“Celebrating craft, celebrating what you're good at, is what I wanna spend my life's work on.”

-Adam McKee

In this episode, host Ana Melikian is joined by Adam McKee, a visionary small business owner and craftsman from Lincoln, Nebraska. Adam delves into the ethos of celebrating craft in both business and life, sharing his experiences from taking over Contemporary Woods, a custom cabinetry business specializing in high-end homes.

Ana and Adam discuss the intricate relationship between craftsmanship and mindset, emphasizing the importance of focusing on both the tangible and intangible aspects of one's work. Adam sheds light on his personal journey, detailing the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and the transformative power of continuous learning and community engagement.

The conversation also covers strategic and tactical approaches to business, highlighting how maintaining high standards and fostering a culture of teamwork and improvement can propel a business forward. Adam's commitment to changing the legacy of his last name and enhancing the lives of those around him through his work truly encapsulates the spirit of celebrating craft.

Let's dive in!

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • 00:00 Introduction and Welcome
  • 00:21 Ana introduces Adam McKee and the theme of the episode
  • 01:33 Adam discusses his background and his business, Contemporary Woods
  • 02:33 The concept of celebrating craft and its impact on personal and professional life
  • 04:23 Exploring the deeper values behind craftsmanship
  • 07:15 The transition from being a craftsman to a business owner
  • 10:14 Strategic and tactical learning in business development
  • 13:09 The importance of culture and core values in a business setting
  • 16:18 Learning from books and the significance of choosing the right mentors
  • 19:24 Discussion on personal growth and legacy within family and business
  • 22:50 Final thoughts and where to find more about Adam and his work

Celebrating Craft in Business & Life with Adam McKee

Meet Meet the Guest:

Adam McKee is the owner of Contemporary Woods, a family-owned small business that serves their local community by delivering fine craftsmanship with integrity and creativity.

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