Investing Mindshift with Marcia Dawood

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“Are you really solving a big problem, or do you have a solution that’s in search of a problem?

—Marcia Dawood

Today, Marcia joins me to share her story and her advice. She talks about why most companies don’t make it and shares how she minimized the risks associated with startups.

She shares the questions you should be asking yourself about your startup, as well as tips on what investors love to see. She emphasizes the importance of a flexible mindset, explains why an investor’s “No” doesn’t always mean “No,” and shares why you should ask for advice if you want money, and vice versa.

This Week on The Mindset Zone:

  • Why most companies don’t make it
  • Why Marcia’s work is important to her
  • Investing in women-led companies
  • Minimizing the risk in startups
  • The importance of knowing how to do a lot with a little
  • Why the best founders know what they don’t know
  • The marks of a successful leader
  • The importance of flexibility
  • Why, if you want money or advice, you should ask for the other

The Guest:

Marcia Dawood is an investor in over 200 early-stage private companies. In addition to her own investing, she is a Venture Partner with the international firm, Mindshift Capital (focused on the US and MENA regions) and a part of the investment committee for Next Wave Impact Fund. She also serves as a board member and advisor to Zive and Misfits Bakehouse. SheEO is an organization Marcia actively supports. She currently serves as the Chair of the Board of the Angel Capital Association (ACA). The ACA is the professional society for angel investors in the US and globally.  Marcia also is a founding member and current chair of the Growing Women’s Capital group building syndication and collaboration among US investment groups focused on women-led companies. She received an MBA from the Global Executive program at UNC’s Kenan Flagler’s School of Business, OneMBA.  

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