Save Your Careers Without Leaving Your Job with Darcy Eikenberg

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“We are in more control than we think.”

Darcy Eikenberg

Darcy joins me today to discuss how we can change our lives at work without changing our careers or jobs. We discuss how society encourages people to try new things and change jobs when pursuing happiness in our work life and the positive and negative impact of constantly changing jobs in your search for happiness.

We discuss the value of empathy in the workplace and the importance of communicating your needs before looking for a new career or job. We also break down Darcy’s ‘Think, Say, Do’ strategy to learn how we can take control of our lives at work without leaving our jobs and how our Lizard Brain often gets in the way of our personal and professional growth.

This week on The Mindset Zone:

  • The Great Resignation and why Darcy believes it’s time for employees and organization leaders to change their perspective on work
  • The positive and negative impacts of constantly changing jobs when searching for career happiness
  • The value of empathy in the workplace
  • Leveraging Darcy’s ‘Think, Say, Do’ strategy
  • Strategies to put your Lizard Brain thoughts into perspective
  • Understanding the Illusion of Transparency
  • How Darcy works with organizational teams

The Guest:

Darcy Eikenberg is an Executive and Leadership Career Coach, Keynote speaker, workshop facilitator for organizations and professional associations, and the author of Red Cape Rescue: Save Your Career Without Leaving Your Job. She is the founder of Red Cape Revolution, where she helps organization leaders and high-achieving professionals generate more clarity, confidence, and control of their life without changing their careers or finding new jobs. Darcy has coached leaders and professionals from well-known companies, including Aon, The Coca-Cola Company, State Farm, and Deloitte, and has been quoted in dozens of publications, including Forbes, Thrive Global, Mashable, and CNN. Before launching Red Cape Revolution, she worked as a principal at the human resources consulting firm, Alight Solutions (formerly Hewitt Associates), where she served on both the Southeast and North American Communications Consulting Leadership teams. She earned her bachelor's degree in Communications Studies at Northwestern University and received her Professional Certified Coach certification from the International Coaching Federation.

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