Exploring Mindset Definitions

“Mindsets are habits of mind.” -Ana Melikian In this episode, the host, Ana Melikian, revisits a significant discussion on leveraging the power of mindsets to unlock human potential. Originally recorded in January 2023, this rebroadcast celebrates the release of her book, “Mindset Zone,” which delves deep into how our mindsets can shape our possibilities. Ana… Continue reading Exploring Mindset Definitions

The Power of Restart with Ana Melikian

“Another year. Another restart.” – Ana Melikian In this episode, host Ana Melikian emphasizes the importance of restarting as a powerful strategy to increase impact and avoid burnout. Drawing a parallel between rebooting a misbehaving computer and restarting personal and professional endeavors, she encourages listeners to seize the opportunity presented by a new year, month,… Continue reading The Power of Restart with Ana Melikian