Innovation, Diversity & STEM with D Sangeeta

“90 plus percent of the women leaving are not leaving for the family reasons; they are being pushed out of the workforce.” – D. Sangeeta In this episode, Sangeeta shared her journey and the innovative approach she has taken to empower women in STEM fields. With her extensive experience and expertise, she has founded Gotara,… Continue reading Innovation, Diversity & STEM with D Sangeeta

How the 7 Habits Changed Your Business with Austin Clark

“Where you sit today is the accumulation of all the decisions you’ve made in life. People are responsible for how they want to respond to stimulus.” – Austin Clark Austin joins me today to outline the core concepts from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that greatly impacted his life and business. He explains… Continue reading How the 7 Habits Changed Your Business with Austin Clark

The Death of a Workaholic with Jenny Lynne

“The difference between hard work and being a workaholic is consciously choosing what gets your energy, and when it’s done, putting it down and getting to rest.” – Jenny Lynne Erickson Jenny joins me today to share how she became aware of her workaholism and consciously made steps to move away from it. She explains… Continue reading The Death of a Workaholic with Jenny Lynne

Busy? Stop it with Don Khouri

“Being purposefully productive means you’re feeling in control, crystal clear on goals, making progress on your most important goals, and conscious about how you invest your time.”  Don Khouri Don joins us today to discuss shifting our mindsets and vocabularies around busyness and productivity. He explains why we get into trouble with our to-do lists… Continue reading Busy? Stop it with Don Khouri

Mindset Shifts in Productivity, Balance and Entrepreneurship (with Monique Y. Wells)

In this episode, I had the pleasure to interview Monique Y. Wells. Monique is a productivity expert, and loves to coach women entrepreneurs who want their businesses to support their ideal lifestyles. Monique writes regularly for the Huffington Post. There she published recently a three-article series where she interviewed several entrepreneurs in the “expert arena” – coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, online marketers – about their experiences of six or seven figure business growth. This interview focused on mindset shifts around productivity, balance and entrepreneurship (namely what usually happen for the solo-preneurs to be able to survive the start-up phase, and grow their business to the six or seven figure mark.)

How to Never Forget a Password Again – Productivity Tool

Have you ever lost precious time trying to remember a password or having to request a new password? If so, see the video (and/or read text) below. I demo how to use an incredible tool that allows us to manage all our online passwords, and much more. You will discover: – How to store all… Continue reading How to Never Forget a Password Again – Productivity Tool

TextExpander – A Simple Secret to Improve Your Productivity

In this video I explain how to use a tool as TextExpander to improve your productivity This is a simple secret that can save you hours everyday. By seeing this video you will learn: